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Vulnerability Assessment:

To address security issues adequately, the vulnerability assessment service aids in identifying weaknesses or vulnerabilities within servers, databases, and networks. Various vendors report multiple everyday vulnerabilities, and it is challenging to keep track of these new vulnerabilities and mitigate them.

PENTEST360 would perform a scan on an organization and provide them with vulnerabilities present in their external network and applications. Once identified, the organization can fix the vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Furthermore, Team PENTEST360 will guide organizations to address the security gaps identified.

1. Once Registered, PENTEST360 will send an email requesting them to provide IP addresses and URLs.
2. Registered Organizations will provide IP addresses and URLs.
3. PENTEST360 Will perform the Vulnerability Assessment on the provide IP addresses and URLs.
4. PENTEST360 will share the Vulnerabilities found along with recommendations to fix them.

Security Essentials - (Windows 10 Home Edition) webinar:

This will help employees of an organization in securing their personal computers for remote work by implementing essential security requirements on Windows 10 Home Edition.

Vulnerability Assessment
Webinar - Security Essentials (Windows 10 Home Edition)